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  • Corning LSE Digital Vortexer

    Corning LSE Digital Vortexer

    The Corning Digital Vortexer is a multipurpose shaker dedicated to a variety of shaking and mixing applications. Three easily removable and interchangeable platforms accommodate many different sample containers such as flasks, bottles, tube racks, ...

  • Corning Cell Counter

    Corning Cell Counter

    For years, the choice between manual and automated cell counting has been a difficult one. Manual cell counting, on the one hand, is accurate, but time-consuming and very user-dependent. Automated cell counting, is much faster and less ...

  • Corning Platform Rocker

    Corning Platform Rocker

    The Corning® LSE™ Platform Rocker is a compact yet high capacity rocker that is ideal for western blotting and general mixing applications. The adjustable rocking speed and fixed 7 degree tilt makes it optimal for staining fragile gels, as ...

  • Corning LSE Digital Dry Bath Heater

    Corning LSE Digital Dry Bath Heater

    The Corning Digital Dry Bath Heaters are available in single, dual, and four block configurations and provide a broad temperature range up to 150°C, which makes them useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, ...

  • Corning LSE Digital Microplate Shaker

    Corning LSE Digital Microplate Shaker

    The Corning LSE digital microplate shaker features digital control of shaking speed and run time. A single control knob is used to set parameters, and values are shown on a large 3-digit display. A sturdy base encloses the motor for quiet, ...

  • Corning LSE 6L Digital Water Bath

    Corning LSE 6L Digital Water Bath

    The Corning LSE Digital Water Bath is a personal-sized bath constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel. The seamless chamber can accommodate up to 6 liters of water or can serve as a dry bath when using thermal beads. Temperature can be set ...

  • Digital Hot Plates

    Digital Hot Plates

    Corning digital hot plates are made with the same durability and quality Corning has been putting into Pyroceram® top products since 1964. All models include a Pyroceram top.

  • Digital Stirring Hot Plates

    Digital Stirring Hot Plates

    The Corning PC-420D stirring hot plate has a 5 x 7 (12.7 x 17.8cm) Pyroceram top and digital temperature and stirring speed displays. It is designed to operate on 230V/50Hz with either the BS 1363A or CEE7-7 plug (both included) for use in parts of ...

  • Corning LSE Orbital Shaker

    Corning LSE Orbital Shaker

    The Corning LSE orbital shaker meets a variety of shaking and mixing applications. A powerful brushless motor and counter-balanced shaker mechanism provides smooth operation for years of trouble-free use. Different platforms (order separately) are ...

  • Corning LSE Vortex Mixer

    Corning LSE Vortex Mixer

    The Corning variable speed LSE Vortex Mixer provides fast, efficient mixing with minimal vibration. The unit features a powerful, counter-balanced motor drive, continuous or mix modes. A range of accessories are available for all common sample tubes ...

  • Corning LSE Low Speed Orbital Shaker

    Corning LSE Low Speed Orbital Shaker

    The Corning LSE Low Speed Orbital Shaker includes a 30 x 30 cm platform and is ideal for staining and destaining gels, washing blots and general mixing applications. Speed can be set from 3 to 60 rpm and the timer can be set for up to 2 hours or for ...

  • Analog Stirrers

    Analog Stirrers

    These Corning® stirrers have a durable glass-ceramic 4 x 5 inch Pyroceram® top and offer superior performance and reliability in a low profile, space-saving design. Exclusive closed-loop stirring control monitors and regulates the stirring speed ...