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  • Axygen Gel Documentation System GDBL-1000

    Axygen Gel Documentation System GDBL-1000

    Axygen Gel Documentation systems easily capture publication quality, 16 bit TIFF images. The systems are quick to set up and have an intuitive user interface for image capture, annotation, and contrast adjustment. Images are easily saved and opened ...

  • Axygen Horizontal Gel Boxes

    Axygen Horizontal Gel Boxes

    Die horizontale Axygen Gelbox ist eine qualitativ hochwertige, voll ausgestattete Einheit, die für außergewöhnliche Haltbarkeit und Effizienz ausgelegt ist. Diese Gelboxen verfügen über einen leckagefreien externen Gelgießvorgang, der es dem ...

  • Axygen MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler

    Axygen MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler

    The Axygen MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler replaces successful and reliable MaxyGene. It brings increased speed and advanced features, providing the premium performance you have come to expect from Axygen brand products.

  • Cell Transfection

    Cell Transfection

    PromoFectin provides highly effective and reliable delivery of nucleic acids into a variety of cell types, including many hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells such as human endothelial cells, fibroblasts and hepatocytes. It consists of a ...

  • AP-Protectors


    AP-Protector Diluent for long-term storage of alkaline phosphatase conjugates AP-Protector is a long-term stabilizer for alkaline phosphatase (AP) coupled to antibodies or Neutravidin/Streptavidin. AP-Protector® can give peroxidase conjugates the ...

  • Blocking Sampler Package ELISA large

    Blocking Sampler Package ELISA large

    CANDOR Blocking Sampler Package ELISA large contains: 125 ml The Blocking Solution 125 ml PlateBlock 125 ml SmartBlock

  • Blocking Sampler Package ELISA small

    Blocking Sampler Package ELISA small

    CANDOR Blocking Sampler Packages ELISA For ELISA CANDOR Blocking Sampler Package ELISA small contains: 50 ml The Blocking Solution 50 ml PlateBlock 50 ml SmartBlock

  • ReadyTector Pure

    ReadyTector Pure

    With ReadyTector®, blocking and immunodetection are carried out simultaneously. ReadyTector® blocks and incubates the blotted membrane with the primary and secondary antibody complexes in one step. This is only possible due to the fact that ...

  • Antibody Stabilizer

    Antibody Stabilizer

    Antibody Stabilizer conserves the structure of proteins and antibodies preventing them from losing functionality due to storage. Just dissolve proteins or antibodies with Antibody Stabilizer and store in the refrigerator. Choose from TRIS- or ...

  • 1536-well Standard PS Microplates and Low Base
  • BSA-Block


    BSA-Block is a well established, versatile blocker for many applications. The high purity and control of the raw materials enable good lot-to-lot consistency for this blocker based on BSA. Therefore a high reliability of the assay over years is ...

  • Blocking Sampler Packages

    Blocking Sampler Packages

    In a first test you can quickly determine which solutions are ideal for an assay. To simplify matters, we offer you suitable combinations of inexpensive packages. CANDOR Starter Packages for ELISA, EIA, RIA, Protein Arrays, Western Blots and ...