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  • Coating Buffer 10x

    Coating Buffer 10x

    Depending on the protein or the antibody the pH of the Coating Buffer is crucial for efficient immobilization. Select from Coating Buffer pH 7.4 and pH 9.6, as the pH-value can have an influence on the steric structure of proteins or antibodies, thus ...

  • Sample Buffer

    Sample Buffer

    Sample Buffer is designed for trouble free assays without interference. If you have background or false-positives — for example derived from cross-reactivities or matrix effects — we recommend using LowCross-Buffer®.

  • Stripping Buffer

    Stripping Buffer

    Stripping buffer removes reaction solution and primary and secondary antibodies from Western blotting membranes. After stripping the membrane can be used for repeated detection (reprobing) with antibodies. Stripping Buffer does not contain ...

  • Washing Buffer 10x

    Washing Buffer 10x

    Washing Buffer is optionally available based on TRIS or PBS. Washing steps are needed to remove unbound and excessive components which are able to interfere with the assay. Washing Buffer is suitable for automatic washers (please note the ...