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  • Diluflow Accessories
  • Bagfilter


    BagFilter is a blender bag equipped with a lateral filter, perfect for the microbiological analyses of fibrous samples. Made of Multilayer, a reinforced multicoated complex, it is resistant for the homogenization of any sample to analyze.

  • Bagaccessories BagSeal

    Bagaccessories BagSeal

    BagSeal allows a wide and tight sealing of all kind of bags (with/without filter). Perfect closure is guaranteed.

  • Bagaccessories Petri Pile

    Bagaccessories Petri Pile

    Petripile ensures safe handling, carrying and storage of Petri dishes. Robust and stable, the Petri dishes storage is well organized with Petripile. Its ergonomics makes easer the loading of your incubators and gives an overall visibility on your ...