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  • BagMixer 400 Lab Blenders

    BagMixer 400 Lab Blenders

    BagMixer® 400 lab blender is a worldwide best-seller. Adapted to any kind of sample to analyze between 50 mL to 400 mL, it guarantee quick and accurate blending of any sample: food, agricultural, chemical, medical?

  • BagMixer 400 Lab Blenders Silent

    BagMixer 400 Lab Blenders Silent

    BagMixer® 400 S and SW are the new generation of homogenizers: quiet, user-friendly and robust. With new features, including low-noise mixing, it is suitable for all applications, with the guarantee of optimal bacterial extraction. It is a great ...

  • BagMixer Accessories
  • JumboMix 3500

    JumboMix 3500

    JumboMix 3500 allows the fast and easy homogenization of large samples. It is equipped with patented, adjustable paddles to improve mixing performance and reduce preparation time.

  • MiniMix 100

    MiniMix 100

    MiniMix® 100 is designed for the blending of small samples up to 10 g. Thanks to the adjustable paddles, the homogenizing is accurate and efficient.