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  • Anti-evaporation oil

    Anti-evaporation oil

    A biocompatible silicone oil used to prevent medium evaporation in cell culture applications

  • Freezing medium

    Freezing medium

    A cell freezing medium for standard cell lines

  • Gas Incubation System

    Gas Incubation System

    A gas mixer that upgrades the Nanolive-ibidi Heating System to a complete stage top incubator for all live cell imaging applications with CO2, O2, and humidity control on the 3D Cell Explorer

  • ibidi immersion oil

    ibidi immersion oil

    An immersion oil for fluorescence microscopy that is fully compatible with all µ-Slides, µ-Dishes, and µ-Plates

  • Mounting medium

    Mounting medium

    A mounting medium that is optimized for fluorescence microscopy and ibidi µ-Slides and µ-Dishes

  • Mounting Medium with DAPI

    Mounting Medium with DAPI

    A mounting medium with DAPI that is optimized for fluorescence microscopy with ibidi µ-Slides and µ-Dishes. Principle of the ibidi Mounting Medium With DAPI. Principle of the ibidi Mounting Medium With DAPI The aqueous, non-hardening ibidi Mounting ...

  • Pump System

    Pump System

    A pump system for the cultivation of, e.g. endothelial, cells under flow for simulation of blood vessels

  • Pump System Quad

    Pump System Quad

    A pump system with 4 Fluidic Units for the cultivation of, e.g. endothelial, cells under flow for simulation of blood vessels. Ideal simulation of various physiological conditions - continuous unidirectional, oscillating, and pulsatile flow ...

  • Keratinocyte Growth Medium 2

    Keratinocyte Growth Medium 2

    PromoCell Keratinocyte Growth Medium 2 is a serum-free medium developed for the cultivation of epidermal keratinocytes without feeder cells. The medium is optimized for primary human cells but can also be used for horse and porcine keratinocytes, as ...

  • LifeAct proteins

    LifeAct proteins

    A recombinant protein for fast staining and immediate analysis of F-actin in living and fixed cells

  • Corning LSE Orbital Shaker

    Corning LSE Orbital Shaker

    The Corning LSE orbital shaker meets a variety of shaking and mixing applications. A powerful brushless motor and counter-balanced shaker mechanism provides smooth operation for years of trouble-free use. Different platforms (order separately) are ...

  • Corning LSE Vortex Mixer

    Corning LSE Vortex Mixer

    The Corning variable speed LSE Vortex Mixer provides fast, efficient mixing with minimal vibration. The unit features a powerful, counter-balanced motor drive, continuous or mix modes. A range of accessories are available for all common sample tubes ...