Decontamination-System SINK & CUBE


With a treatment capacity of 100 litres per day, the decontamination systems CUBE and SINK were developed to safely dispose of contaminated waste water within immediate reach of the working place.

These compact units, which can be easily integrated near a safety cabinet or workstation, meet the strictest decontamination standards and allow your staff to work safely.

While the SINK is equipped with a sink and tap, the CUBE is more compact without utilities. It is therefore connected directly to an existing sink or other waste water drain (emergency shower, laboratory network...).

  • Large capacity up to 100l / day
  • Heat decontamination for 2 minutes at 135°C
  • Suitable for bacteria, viruses and phages
  • Version for BL1
  • Optional Version for BL2 with exhaust air filter
  • with internal 25l sorage tank
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Article No. Description Model Configuration Unit/Case
On Stock
Sink(V8)-ACT SINK Decontamination Unit (up to 100 lit Decontamination-System SINK with 25l storage tank with tap and sink 1 Delivery time
Cube-ACT Cube Decontamination Unit (up to 100 lit Decontamination-System CUBE with 250l storage tank without utilities 1 Delivery time
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