FluidX IntelliXcap Capper & Decapper for Screw-Capped Tubes


FluidX IntelliXcap systems are the next-generation capper and decapper, engineered for increased throughput, ease of use and high system reliability, making the system ideal for any laboratory managing compound libraries or biological sample stores. They are Featured with the intelligent decapper technology that includes an advanced storage media detection sensor and a proprietary self-release cartridge mechanism.

  • Full rack capper and decapper capable of decapping a complete rack of 24, 48 or 96 tubes
  • Automation and high speed reduce sample handling time and increase sample throughput
  • Ideal for medium to high throughput laboratories working with biobanks or other biological samples
  • IntelliXcap features the unique, interchangeable IntelliXcartridge 48 format cap drive system
  • The IntelliXcartridge system allows format changes between different pipe types
  • Control is via a quick installation, easy-to-use touch panel
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46-8010-BRO ASSY,INTELLIXCAP,DECAPPER,24-CHANNEL FluidX IntelliXcap 24 Capper & Decapper for Screw-Capped Tubes 1 Delivery time
46-8011-BRO ASSY,INTELLIXCAP,DECAPPER,48-CHANNEL FluidX IntelliXcap 48 Capper & Decapper for Screw-Capped Tubes 1 Delivery time
46-8012-BRO ASSY,INTELLIXCAP,DECAPPER,96-CHANNEL FluidX IntelliXcap 96 Capper & Decapper for Screw-Capped Tubes 1 Delivery time
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