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  • Multigas Incubator

    Multigas Incubator

    The IncuSafe MCO-5M automatic air jacket Multigas Incubator provides precise CO2 and O2 level controls to realize a stable cell culture environment. The IncuSafe MCO-5M is a professional cell culture CO2 incubator with inCu-saFe and SafeCell UV ...

  • CellCounter Celeromics

    CellCounter Celeromics

    Micro Counter is the first automatic cell counter that counts in the culture medium. It transforms any inverted microscope into a potent automatic cell counter. The system eliminates contamination risks, making cell counting fast, economic and ...

  • Waterbath 5l vessel

    Waterbath 5l vessel

    5l vessel for immersion thermostat for open vessels

  • Peristaltic Pump

    Peristaltic Pump

    FlexiPump are peristaltic dosing pumps that allow the distribution of culture media, agar, diluents and all types of liquids. Their speed and accuracy guarantee an efficient preparation of your analyses. FlexiPump is compact and easy to use with 3 ...

  • Bunsenburner Accessories

    Bunsenburner Accessories

    Various accessories for the Fireboy from Integra. From gas cartridge holders to a complete annealing carousel.

  • Magnet Stirrer & Heating Plates

    Magnet Stirrer & Heating Plates

    Corning and IKA''s magnetic table top stirrers with heating function are reliable laboratory devices that are used in most laboratories.

  • Digital Lab Shaker

    Digital Lab Shaker

    Use this compact, flat reciprocal shaker for applications with a shaking weight of up to 7.5kg. IKA™ HS 260 Basic Shaker features a wide range of attachment combinations which makes it possible to use almost all shapes and sizes of vessels.

  • Adapter for Univo Manual Capper CM480

    Adapter for Univo Manual Capper CM480

    Adapter for Univo Manual Capper CM480

  • Membrane Filters Dispenser

    Membrane Filters Dispenser

    The ability to accurately detect and quantify microorganisms in liquid samples is of prime importance for any quality control laboratory. This is why membrane filtration is the established method of choice for liquid testing as it provides reliable ...

  • Accessories Microbiology

    Accessories Microbiology

    Various accessories for the microbiology laboratory of Interscience and Mettler Toledo.

  • Mechanical Pipets & Accessories

    Mechanical Pipets & Accessories

    Various mechanical pipettes, both single and multichannel varinants from Corning, Sartorius and Rainin. As well as individual pieces of related accessories.

  • Tabletop Centrifuges ScanSpeed

    Tabletop Centrifuges ScanSpeed

    ScanSpeed, a range of centrifuges of distinction from LaboGene A/S, from simple separation to sequencing. Discover the ideal centrifuge and accessories for your every day needs and your research programs and accelerate your micro-volume separations ...