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  • Manual Colony Counter

    Manual Colony Counter

    Scan 100 is a high-tech manual colony counter for the user-friendly functions and wonderful ergonomics remarkable. The LED illumination system with dark-field technology gives an accurate and high-contrast overview of the colonies. The integrated USB ...

  • HD Automatic Colony Counters

    HD Automatic Colony Counters

    Scan 1200 is an HD automatic colony counter. It adapts itself to all media and counts in 1 click all colonies even the smallest ones. It ensures accuracy and excellent reproducibility. Images and results are saved automatically. Minimum size of ...

  • Ultra-HD Automatic Colony Counters

    Ultra-HD Automatic Colony Counters

    Scan 4000 is an automatic HD colour colony counter. It is adapted to all sizes of Petri dishes and any culture media. Its indirect lighting system gives great user comfort, high accuracy and excellent reproducibility. Minimum size of detected colony: ...

  • Automatic Colony Counters

    Automatic Colony Counters

    Scan 300 and 500 are automatic colony counters that that ensure fast and efficient counting of colonies. It guarantees excellent reproducibility. The images and results are saved and usable anytime. Minimum size of detected colony: 0.1 mm Camera: 1 ...

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