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  • Media Preparators Consumables

    Media Preparators Consumables

    Media Preparators Consumables

  • Air Sampler Printer and Software

    Air Sampler Printer and Software

    Air Sampler PC and Bluetooth comunication

  • Gravimetric Dilutors DILUWEL

    Gravimetric Dilutors DILUWEL

    DILUWEL is a rapid, accurate gravimetric diluter for combining solid samples with the correct amount of diluent, automating the laborious task of making and standardising initial sample dilution. Place your sample in a blender bag and the DILUWEL ...

  • Automated Petri Dish Filler Accessories
  • Mixbag Blenderbags

    Mixbag Blenderbags

    All MIXBAGS are sterilized by irradiations. A certificate or irradiation is available upon request. Each box is delivered with a red sticker on it.



    The MIXWEL is a powerful yet easy to use homogeniser that allows you to mix samples quickly and thoroughly. The patented pendulum mixing system provides incredible power and efficiency — a force of 28 — 70kg per paddle. Blending can be ...

  • AIRWEL Standard and Plus

    AIRWEL Standard and Plus

    The Airwel is a light and ergonomic air sampler, with an anti-bacterial paint, build in IP65, ISO14698, ISO17025, USP797, USP116, EU GMP/GLP, 21 CFR PART 11, CE premises. Physical specifications : It impacts a regular and calibrated airflow (100 or ...

  • Support stand for Baggywel

    Support stand for Baggywel

    Support stand for Baggywel (Broth bags)

  • Dehydrated Media

    Dehydrated Media

    Alliance Bio Expertise selected the best dehydrated media solutions especially for you. Available in 500gr or in 5 kg, these are easy to use and match perfectly with the A.B.E media preparators, MEDIAWEL 30. We produce amongst the most popular ...

  • Shrinking Machine

    Shrinking Machine

    The wrapping machine Minima, packs your petri dishes in packs of 10 (one column of 10 or two columns of 5) A.B.E. has carefully selected the adequate film, optimal solution to avoid condensation. Freshly poured with your DISTRIWEL, the petri dishes ...

  • BagLight


    BagLight is a blender bag, perfect for all microbiological analyses. It is the standard blender bag for all analyses not requiring filtration.

  • BagPage


    BagPage is a blender bag equipped with a full-surface filter, perfect for the microbiological analyses of pasty samples. Made of Bolsas para homogeneización, a reinforced multicoated complex, it is resistant for the homogenization of any sample to ...