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  • AXYGEN Axyspin Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

    AXYGEN Axyspin Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

    The Axygen Axyspin refrigerated microcentrifuge is a high-performance refrigerated microcentrifuge designed to quickly process samples for applications such as nucleic acid and protein preparation, purifications, extractions, and pelleting.

  • AXYGEN Mini Plate Spinner

    AXYGEN Mini Plate Spinner

    The Axygen Axyspin Plate Spinner is the first centrifuge designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates. Maximum Capacity: 2 standard PCR or microtiter microplates Ambient Operating Range: 4° to 35°C

  • CORNING LSE Compact Centrifuge

    CORNING LSE Compact Centrifuge

    The Corning LSE Compact Centrifuge is a space saving centrifuge ideal for use in Life Science and Industrial Research labs. Three angle rotors are available for use with the Corning LSE Compact Centrifuge, which can accommodate tube sizes of 15 mL, ...

  • CORNING LSE Mini Microcentrifuge

    CORNING LSE Mini Microcentrifuge

    The Corning LSE Mini Microcentrifuge is a personal bench top instrument that operates at a fixed speed of 6,000 rpm (2,000 x g) and was designed for quick spin downs of micro-samples. Operation is made simpler and more convenient with the design of a ...

  • GYROZEN Floor Standing, High-Speed Centriguge 1236R

    GYROZEN Floor Standing, High-Speed Centriguge 1236R

    The multi-purpose large capacity centrifuges designed for large-volume daily-working laboratories.

  • GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1248

    GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1248

    The 1248 are medium capacity (up to 4 x 250 ml) non-refrigrated centrifuges. For cell harvesting, blood separation, and washing or spin down of microplates, the following swing rotors are commonly used.

  • GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1248R

    GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1248R

    The 1248R are medium capacity (up to 4 x 250 ml) refrigrated centrifuges. For cell harvesting, blood separation, and washing or spin down of microplates, the following swing rotors are commonly used.

  • GYROZEN Micro Centrifuge 1536

    GYROZEN Micro Centrifuge 1536

    The centrifuge is working at high speed and boasts a highly intuitive and ergonomic user interface, easy and sophisticated control and full function safety architecture. The centrifuge is recommended for molecular works of cell collection, phenol ...

  • GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1580

    GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1580

    The Gyrozen 1580 Series multipurpose, large-capacity centrifuges are designed for flexible and large-volume working laboratories. Available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated models with a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm and capacity of 4 x 750 mL, and ...

  • GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1580R

    GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1580R

    The refrigerated 1580R features Fast Cooling technology and is capable of reaching 4°C in 5 min for fast processing of temperature-sensitive samples. The model also has the compressor-off function when the lid is open, minimising unnecessary cooling ...

  • GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1696R

    GYROZEN High-Speed Centriguge 1696R

    The cooled LABOGENE High-Speed Centrifuge 1696R combines high capacity and performance in an attractive form that clearly stands out from others

  • GYROZEN Micro Centrifuge 1730R

    GYROZEN Micro Centrifuge 1730R

    A refrigerated high-speed microcentrifuge with temperature range from -20°C to ambient. It has a fast cooling function, auto rotor identification and alarms for imbalances, overheating and overspeed. Including as well memory for 100 programs with 5 ...