Isothermal LN2 Freezers


Isothermal LN2 freezers from Custom Biogenics offer cryogenic dry storage for medical laboratories, universities and research facilities while reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Our patented technology creates a jacketed space in the walls of the freezer, maximizing storage space inside and minimizing the chances of cross-contamination. The wide lid makes it easy to access samples without affecting the temperature inside the freezer.

  • Dry storage greatly reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • Added user safety by eliminating liquid nitrogen contact
  • Utilize the entire storage space; no space lost to bulky platforms
  • Liquid nitrogen temperatures with no liquid nitrogen contact
  • Vapor circulation provides better visibility in the storage area
  • Wide lid opening for easy access to all racks
  • Accommodates all standard rack systems
  • Industry best temperature uniformity
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Article No. Description Model Net Volume
On Stock
V1500AB-CBS Isothermal LN2 Dry Storage Tank type V15 Isothermal LN2 Freezers V-1500AB 30 1 Delivery time
V3000AB-CBS Isothermal LN2 Dry Storage Tank type V30 Isothermal LN2 Freezers V-3000AB 70 1 Delivery time
V5000AB-CBS Isothermal LN2 Dry Storage Tank type V50 Isothermal LN2 Freezers V-5000AB 93 1 Delivery time
V3000ABEH-CBS Isothermal LN2 Trockentank V-3000ABEH Isothermal LN2 Freezers V-3000EH-AB 89 1 Delivery time
V5000ABEH-CBS Isothermal LN2 Trockentank V-5000ABEH Isothermal LN2 Freezers V-5000EH-AB 140 1 Delivery time
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