Biomedical Freezer Upright Pro -30°C


The Biomedical ECO Freezers MDF-MU339HL-PE and MDF-MU839HL-PE, with natural (HC) refrigerants and inverter compressors, minimises energy consumption, reduces environmental impact and saves money on running costs. Innovative inverter technology provides a reliable and exceptionally stable temperature for a wide range of storage applications.

The freezer provides effective storage of life-saving vaccines and samples for diagnosis in the medical field. They can also be used for storage of enzymes for genetic research, as well as culture media, reagents and samples for testing. Biomedical ECO freezers are also ideal for industrial aging and temperature tests. As a storage environment, with excellent safety and other easy-to-use features, these freezers offer unsurpassed reliability and functionality.

  • Inverter compressor technology delivers energy saving, high performance cooling
  • Outstanding reliability and performance for a wide variety of storage applications
  • High usability thanks to height-adjustable shelf trays
  • Natural refrigerants for a reduced carbon footprint
  • Defrosting can become an easy task with the attached drain hose
  • Versatile alarm functions with self-diagnostic functions
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Article No. Article Image Description Net Volume
Configuration Number of Shelves Working Temperature Unit/Case
On Stock
MDF-MU539HL-PE-PAN PHCbi Freezer -30°C MDF-MU539HL-PE MDF-MU539HL-PE Biomedical ECO Freezer 504 2-door 6 -30°C 1 Delivery time
MDF-MU339HL-PE-PAN PHCbi Freezer -30°C MDF-MU339HL-PE MDF-MU339HL-PE Biomedical ECO Freezer 369 1-door 6 -30°C 1 Delivery time
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