-86°C Freezer Upright DualCool, above 300 Liter


PHCbi TwinGuard Series upright and chest freezers provide twice the sample protection for double the peace of mind. Two independent refrigeration systems offer a circle of protection unmatched in the marketplace. Performance down to -86°C is based on integrated complementary refrigeration circuits, robust cabinet design and intuitive smart controls and monitoring. TwinGuard Series freezers are ideal for safe, long term storage of your most high valued products, such as stem cells, embryos, cell lines, rare specimens and other biological materials.

  • Extremely quiet running noise
  • Dual Cool System with 2 independent cascade systems
  • Best usable volume/external dimension ratio thanks to VIP insulation
  • Useful volume from 526 - 845 litres
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Article No. Description Model Volume
Noise Level
On Stock
MDF-DU302VX-PE-PAN PHCbi TwinGuard ULT Freezer -86°C MDF-D -86°C Freezer MDF-DU302VX-PE TwinGuard Upright 360 <52 1 Delivery time
MDF-DU502VX-PE-PAN PHCbi TwinGuard ULT Freezer -86°C MDF-D -86°C Freezer MDF-DU502VX-PE TwinGuard Upright 528 <52 1 Delivery time
MDF-DU702VX-PAN PHCbi TwinGuard ULT Freezer -86°C MDF-D -86°C Freezer MDF-DU702VX-PE TwinGuard Upright 729 <52 1 Delivery time
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