Mechanical Pipets & Accessories


Various mechanical pipettes, both single and multichannel varinants from Corning, Sartorius and Rainin. As well as individual pieces of related accessories.

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Article No. Article Image Description Unit/Case
On Stock
729070-A-SART Tacta Mechanical Pipette 100-1001 DEMOUNIT: Tacta Mechanical Pipette 100-1001 1 Delivery time
729060-A-SART Tacta Mechanical Pipette 20-201 DEMOUNIT: Tacta Mechanical Pipette 20-201 1 Delivery time
729050-A-SART Tacta Mechanical Pipette 10-101 DEMOUNIT: Tacta Mechanical Pipette 10-101 1 Delivery time
725620-A-SART Biohit Linear Stand DEMOUNIT: Biohit Linear Stand 1 Delivery time
730981-A-SART Charging Stand for 1 pipette DEMOUNIT: Charging Stand for 1 pipette 1 Delivery time
17008649-A-MT RAININ Classic Pipette 10 ul DEMOUNIT: RAININ Classic Pipette 10 ul 1 Delivery time
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