Multigas Incubator


The IncuSafe MCO-5M automatic air jacket Multigas Incubator provides precise CO2 and O2 level controls to realize a stable cell culture environment.
The IncuSafe MCO-5M is a professional cell culture CO2 incubator with inCu-saFe and SafeCell UV integrated contamination control technology. It is ideally suited for incubating the cells of your patients, one-donor/one-chamber use, and for personal use in laboratories.

This sales unit has an external transport damage is dented at the rear upper edge. the unit is however completely functional and runs perfectly

  • 49 liters, air jacket, InCusaFe, PID TC Sensor, O2 sensor
  • Including roller base and UV-kit
  • As long as stock only
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MCO-5M-PE-A-PAN PHCbi CO2 Incubator MCO-5M-PE DEMOUNIT: Multigas Incubator MCO-5M 1 Delivery time
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