Tabletop Centrifuges ScanSpeed


ScanSpeed, a range of centrifuges of distinction from LaboGene A/S, from simple separation to sequencing.
Discover the ideal centrifuge and accessories for your every day needs and your research programs and accelerate your micro-volume separations with our range of compact and easy-to-use centrifuges.
We offer following 3 different demo units for sale.

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Article No. Article Image Description Unit/Case
On Stock
7651314202-A-LAB ScanSpeed 1524M High Speed Micro- Centri DEMOUNIT: ScanSpeed 1524M High Speed Micro- Centrifuge 1 Delivery time
7607514101-A-LAB ScanSpeed 406G Low Speed Centrifuge DEMOUNIT: Scanpeed 406G Low Speed Centrifuge 1 Delivery time
7601314101-A-LAB ScanSpeed Mini Personal Micro-Centrifuge DEMOUNIT: ScanSpeed Mini Personal Micro- Centrifuge 1 Delivery time
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