Glass Fiber Prefilters


For use with vacuum filtration systems or bottle top vacuum filters.

  • prefilter
  • glass fibres
  • for bottle top filters and filter systems
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Article No. Description Sterile Volume
On Stock
431410-COR square glass fiber prefilter, 43mm, for Fiberglass Prefilters, 43 mm Square Non-Sterile 150 100 Delivery time
431411-COR square glass fiber prefilter, 49.5mm, fo Fiberglass Prefilters, 49.5 mm Square Non-Sterile   100 Delivery time
431412-COR square glass fiber prefilter, 63mm, for Fiberglass Prefilters, 63 mm Square Non-Sterile 500 100 Delivery time
431413-COR square glass fiber prefilter, 79mm,for t Fiberglass Prefilters, 79 mm Square Non-Sterile   100 Delivery time
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