TERMAKS Incubators B9000


High quality, modern design laboratory Incubators / bacteriology cabinets.
Series B 9000 of laboratory incubators consists of four different sizes of incubators from 25 litres to 420 litres. The incubators are based on modern technology. They are more compact and require less space. Interior housing is made of stainless steel.
The three smallest models are table models and are stackable. The largest model is a floor model with adjustable feet.

  • Automatic safety thermostat Increased safety – simpler to operate
  • LCD display Explanatory text – simpler to operate
  • Touch buttons Extended lifetime in humid surroundings
  • Extended temperature range Can operate down to 2°C above ambient temperature
  • Temperature range up to +80 °C
  • Keypad with PIN code Prevents undesirable settings
  • 10 speed fan
  • incl 2 wire shelves (3pce with B9420)
  • with glass inner door
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Article No. Description Net Volume
inner glasdoor
On Stock
411 0000 9025-NIN B9025V Incubator 25 liters, incl 2 wire B9025 Incubator 25 yes 1 Delivery time
412 0000 9051-NIN B9051V Incubator 51 liters, incl 2 wire B9051 Incubator 51 yes 1 Delivery time
413 0000 9130-NIN B9130V Incubator 130 liters, incl 2 wire B90130 Incubator 130 yes 1 Delivery time
414 0000 9420-NIN B9420V Incubator 420 liters, incl 3 wire B9420 Incubator 420 yes 1 Delivery time
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