ninoGUARD COVID-19 is a stand-alone and mobile HEPA H14 ventilated test booth (negative or positive) developed specifically for protecting health care personnel working in potentially hazardous environments examining patients. The design is generated from our ninoSAFE Class I microbiological safety cabinet (EN12469).
The test booth can be placed and sealed in a doorway and will then completely divide the patient from the health care personnel. Several test booths can be placed in a row e.g in a tent for efficient handling of high volumes of patients.
With internal fan and HEPA H14 exhaust filtration the unit does not need to be connected to a ventilation system.
The test booth is airtight on three sides and offers negative pressure while running securing that any contaminants can’t reach the clean side of the unit and expose operators.
The test booth is also available in a reversed version, positive pressure, where the inside is completely safe by laminar flow protecting the operator from its surroundings.

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311nG19F-NIN (Class I) ninoGUARD COVID-19 (Class I) ninoGUARD COVID-19 Class I 1 Delivery time
311nG19F-pos-NIN (Clean Cabinet) ninoGUARD COVID-19 (Clean Cabinet) ninoGUARD COVID-19 (Positive Pressure) Clean Bench 1 Delivery time
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