ninoSAFE FumeHood


ninoGUARD fume cupboards are modular, which makes it possible to choose the functions you want. The design of the unique and specially manufactured profile for controlling the air flow and minimizing turbulence also provides the market's best opening width in relation to total width. Leg height of at least 820 mm.

The ninoGUARD is available in basic versions as well as the exclusive ninoGUARD Pro. The program also includes the ninoGUARD Isotope -for those who work with radioactive materials, and ninoGUARD PP -
for applications where high resistance to acids is required.

For optimized safety, there is the accessory ninoGUARD Control which controls and monitors the flow. A completely unique VAV system with proactive control of the damper so that the flow always maintains the set value without time delay when changing the working opening of the sash window.

Energy-saving automation, ninoGUARD Control Pro, which automatically closes the sash window when there is no presence in front of the fume cupboard, saves both money and the environment.

  • Available in sizes 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800
  • Innovative touch panel - easy to use with clear icons
  • Extra ventilated chemical cabinet available
  • Working height from at least 820 mm
  • ninoGUARD Isotope - available for radioactive materials
  • ninoGUARD PP - available for high acid resistance
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309 1000 0900-NIN ninoGUARD FumeHood 900 ninoGUARD FumeHood 900 1 Delivery time
309 1000 1200-NIN ninoGUARD FumeHood 1200 ninoGUARD FumeHood 1200 1 Delivery time
309 1000 1500-NIN ninoGUARD FumeHood 1500 ninoGUARD FumeHood 1500 1 Delivery time
309 1000 1800-NIN ninoGUARD FumeHood 1800 ninoGUARD FumeHood 1800 1 Delivery time
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