Chondrocyte Growth Medium


PromoCell Chondrocyte Growth Medium has been developed for the in vitro cultivation of human chondrocytes. The fetal calf serum in the medium is strictly pretested for optimal performance.
The medium is optimized for primary human cells, but can also be used for primary porcine and rat chondrocytes.

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Article No. Description Preparation Unit/Case
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C-27101-PRO (Ready-to-use) Chondrocyte Growth Medium (Ready-to-use) Chondrocyte Growth Medium (Ready-to-use) ready-to-use, low-serum 500 Delivery time
C-27111-PRO Chondrocyte Basal Medium Chondrocyte Basal Medium   500 Delivery time
C-27115-PRO Chondrocyte Basal Medium, phenol red-fre Chondrocyte Basal Medium, phenol red-free phenol red free 500 Delivery time
C-39635-PRO SupplementMix Chondrocyte Growth Medium SupplementMix Chondrocyte Growth Medium SupplementMix   1 Delivery time
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