Transport, Installation and Commissioning

In coordination with our long-time logistics partner, we will arrange the transport of your equipment directly to the requested location. Every instrument undergoes a thorough functional check and is expertly packed prior to shipping. To ensure a flawless installation of the equipment, we always check out the on-site conditions at your premises in advance. Once the instrument has been assembled and installed by our TÜV-Nord certified and manufacturer-accredited technicians, we will instruct your personnel on how to use it.


  • An on-site inspection beforehand avoids unpleasant surprises for the people coming to install the machine
  • Having received a comprehensive training course, your team is instructed in the correct use of the equipment and knows how to manage user-specific settings later on.




«Handing a successfully commissioned instrument to a properly trained customer is always a highlight. »

Armando Paradiso, Service Technician, VITARIS AG