Sartorius ist ein international führender Pharma- und Laborzulieferer.

Revolutionize your Pipetting!

Sartorius pipettes of Biohitfamily are appreciated for their user friendliness and accuracy, as well as their attractive, yet practical design.

Liquid handling equipment

Sartorius electronic pipettes are ideal tools to accompany you in daily, repetitive liquid handling in laboratories, where the accuracy of your results, speed and ergonomics are mission-critical. Their fully electronic control guarantees consistent, user-independent results, and their lightweight, ergonomic design gives you total convenience. With their multiple pipetting modes, you may perform your liquid handling tasks faster than with mechanical pipettes, and with their wide volume ranges, the Sartorius electronic pipettes often cover the volume range of two mechanical pipettes reducing the amount of pipettes you need.

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Liquid handling accessories and tips

Sartorius mechanical pipettes are appreciated for their ergonomics, ease of use and reliability. As a result, they are widely used for various liquid handling tasks in pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutes, universities, healthcare and industrial laboratories, where they help you to perform your manual pipetting easily and accurately. You may choose the pipette of your liking from the various models we offer to suite your specific needs and applications.

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