Micro refrigerated centrifuge with bio-seal certified rotor

The cooled Micro Centrifuge 1848R is a small all-rounder. It can centrifuge 2ml, 15 and 50 ml tubes as well as microplates with a minimal footprint of only 380 x 654 mm.

COVID-19 Antigen and Antibody Rapid Tests

Reliable and rapid testing plays a critical role in the prevention and control of SARS-CoV2. It is essential to provide high testing capacity, as well as low-threshold access to testing and rapid receipt of the result.


Medical Type II and Type IIR masks

Type II and Type IIR medical masks with a minimum filtering efficiency of 98% according to standard EN 14683

µ-Slide Membrane ibiPore Flow

A µ-Slide with a porous glass membrane for transmigration and transport studies under both static and flow conditions

PlateBlock - surface blocker for serological assays

Animal-free and protein-free blocker for plastic surfaces (e.g. microtiter plates)

PlateBlock is a blocker that does not contain any protein components and is produced without any raw materials of animal origin. This blocker is optimized for serological assays (antigen-down-assays).

MEDIAWEL - Automated media preparators up to 30 liters

MEDIAWEL is the latest generation of automatic media preparators with capacities of between 1 and 10 (MEDIAWEL 10) or 2,5 and 30 liters (MEDIAWEL 30). MEDIAWEL 30 is equipped with and powerful stirrer (patented), stirrers providing a better homogeneity and temperature repartition.

Elplasia Plates - Enable high density, scaffold-free, self-assembly spheroid formation, culture, and analysis in a standard plate footprint

With the effectiveness of 3D spheroids in many areas of research including anti-cancer drug screening and in vitro tumor studies, the need for better methods to produce replicate spheroids of uniform size in mass quantities has emerged.

New CoolCell from FluidX

CoolCell 1ml FX controlled-rate alcohol-free cell freezing containers provide a highly reproducible -1℃/minute freezing rate when placed in a -80℃ freezer, with no alcohol or fluids required. Ideal for high density storage biobanks using small volume samples <1ml.

ninoGUARD COVID19 - When the protection of your employees is central

The ninoGUARD COVID-19 treatment station is an independent and mobile HEPA H14 ventilated treatment cabin (negative or positive). The cabin is specially designed to protect the healthcare staff working with potentially contaminated patients.


Revolutionize your Pipetting!

Introducing our New Premium Pipettes. VITARIS proudly presents our new range of premium pipettes, Sartorius pipettes of the Biohitfamily.

Discover The World's Fastest and Most Accurate Cell Counter

For years, the choice between manual and automated cell counting has been a difficult one. Manual cell counting, on the one hand, is accurate, but time-consuming and very user-dependent...