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  • We are convinced that the success of our business is largely dependent on the performance, actions and personal sense of achievement of our employees.
  • All of our employees have our utmost confidence, and we expect all to be capable in their own right of thinking and working as part of a team.
  • We acknowledge that each employee has their personal goals to pursue, and expect alongside this that conflicts with corporate goals be resolved.
  • We encourage our employees to act positively, as part of a team and in the interest of our customers, and seek to gain confident staff that are both independent and team players, aware of both their strengths and their weaknesses.
  • We believe that a growing number of confident and assertive people does not pose a threat to a system of control and manageability.
  • We are convinced that happy, successful and independent employees are fairer and more loyal, and are more interested in achieving common goals than abusing their liberty and importance for their own interests.
  • We focus more on strengths than inadequacies, on opportunities instead of risks, on actions instead of words, on decisions instead of delays – this gives us the drive to achieve and provides us with what is commonly referred to as 'motivation'.

We welcome applications from dedicated and enthusiastic professionals at any time of the year, even if we do not have vacant positions.