ibidi ist ein führender Anbieter für funktionelle zellbasierte Assays und fortschrittliche Produkte für die Zellmikroskopie.

Focussing on the Cell

  ibidi GmbH, a company located in Munich, is a leading provider of Cell-based Functional Assays. Its wide range of products includes solutions for Classical Cell Culture and Cell Microscopy, as well as for complex assays in areas such as Angiogenesis, Chemotaxis or Tissue Repair.

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The scope of applications of μ-Slides, μ-Dishes and μ-Plates ranges from Immunofluorescence, Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH), Protein Expression in situ, Toxicology, Active Substance Screening and Blood Vessel Simulation to Chemotactic Testing.

ibidi offers a wide array of equipments for the proper implementation of the experimental protocols. Thus, the ibidi Heating and Gas Incubation System is designed to maintain optimal culture conditions under the microscope. In addition, the μ-Slides combined with the specially designed ibidi Pump System allow for optimal cultivation and observation of living cells under constant flow for several hours.

As an exclusive partner of ibidi in Switzerland, VITARIS keeps stocks of many ibidi products in our warehouse in Basle. Please ask for a free Test Sample or call us for a Product Demonstration in your Laboratory.

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