Die Entwicklung neuer Technologien, ein hohes Qualitätsbewusstsein und Produktionswissen stellen sicher, dass Systec Autoklaven den höchsten Ansprüchen entspricht.

We change. From Fedegari to Systec.

We have made the decision. As long-standing autoclave distributors, we have made the change and include the market leader in our portfolio.

The laboratory autoclaves from Systec

  • Vertical autoclaves from 40 - 150 liters
  • Horizontal benchtop autoclaves from 45 - 200 liters
  • Horizontal floorstanding autoclaves from 90 - 1580 liters

Therefore, we can continue to sell you with a clear conscience the autoclaves which are pioneers in technology and user-friendliness.

But now we also have access to the large product portfolio of media preparators from Systec.

The media preparators from Systec

  • Media preparator from 10 - 120 liters

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