Die Entwicklung neuer Technologien, ein hohes Qualitätsbewusstsein und Produktionswissen stellen sicher, dass FEDEGARI Autoklaven den höchsten Ansprüchen entspricht.

When sterilisation alone is not enough

FEDEGARI SPA was founded over 65 years ago. The development of new technologies, a great awareness of quality and extensive production knowledge ensure that FEDEGARI autoclaves satisfy the strictest of customer requirements.

FEDEGARI autoclaves are produced in a modern production facility in Switzerland (Lugano) by qualified personnel that bring the decades of experience of FEDEGARI to bear in the manufacture of large industrial autoclaves.

Lab autoclaves

  • Horizontal and vertical laboratory autoclaves 50-140 litres -
  • Horizontal semi-industrial autoclaves till 730 litres -
  • Glassware washer -

Industry autoclaves

  • Horizontal autoclaves start from 500 up 100'000 litres -
  • Pass-through autoclaves -
  • Washer Sterilizer -
  • Dry-heat sterilizer -
  • Eco-steam washer -
  • Sterility test isolator -
  • Hepa car unit -
  • Pharmaceutical isolator -
  • Elastomeric closures treatment -
  • Cleanroom solutions -

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