General lab equipment

A laboratory's basic equipment and tools determine the achievement of high levels of efficiency and high speed in work processes.

With modern laboratory equipment and innovative solutions, we offer a wide selection of products that are used on a daily basis in many labs.

Steam Sterilisation

Horizontal and vertical autoclaves

30-140 litres

Sterilisation baskets

Deodorants for autoclaves

Industry autoclaves

Horizontal autoclaves

140-540 litres

Varied options and accessories

Pass-through autoclaves

Sample Storage Tubes / Racks

Tubes with and without barcode

Glas Tubes

0,5 ml - 7.5 ml volume

Caps and Cap Mats

Screw caps

Push caps

Sealing taps

Handling / Identification /Storage

Capping / decapping systems

Rack thawing stations

Volume checkers

Barcode readers

Freezer racks


Mini centrifuges

Low-speed centrifuges

High-speed micro centrifuges

High-speed multi centrifuges


Slides and cover slips




Lab balances

Analytical balances

Freeze Drying

Freeze drying systems

Volume 4-80 litres

-55°C-, -90°C, -110°C

Pumps & accessories

Vacuum concentrators