Cell Culture

Our cell culture range consists of tried and tested products as well as new and innovative solutions.
Be it efficient cell culture devices or consumables from renowned manufacturers - we have the solution you Need.

Membrane inserts
Cell culture flasks
Cell culture dishes
Cell culture microplates
Cell lifter & cell scrapers


Liquid Handling
Pipetting devices

Serological pipettes
Suction devices
Single and multi-channel pipettes
Tips and tip systems
Cryo storage


Spin-X centrifuge filter systems
Syringe filters
Bottle top vacuum filters
Fibeglass prefilters
Vacuum filter systems
Vacuum filters


Cell Culture Scale Up
Roller systems (CellRoll)
Spinner systems (CellSpin)
Cell culture bioreactors (CellLine)
Roller bottles
Cell culture chambers
Spinner & Erlenmeyer flasks


Cell Microscopy
Fluorescent colouring

Heat- and incubation systems
ibidi dishes and slides
Flow experiments

Cells and Media
Primary human cells
Human stem- and blood cells
Media & serum
Reagents and supplements

 Cell pellets

Analysis and Assays
Cell analysis
Fluorescent labelling
Cell transfections
Antibodies & ELISA
Cytokine and growth factors


Lab Instruments
CO2 incubators
Heating chambers
Water baths
Heating blocks
Refrigerators and freezers
Cell counters



Safety Cabinets

Clean benches
Class I (weighing benches)
Class II with 2 filters
Class II with 3 filters
Animal changing stations
Customised solutions