Loaner Unit

We keep a limited selection of ready-to-use loaner units for our customers in our warehouse in Basle. This allows you to keep your working processes going and optimally bridge the gap until your defective apparatus is repaired or replaced.


Old equipment doesn’t always have to be discarded. If required, we can procure used equipment and, after an overhaul, ensure that it operates perfectly at its new location. We will be pleased to make you an attractive exchange offer. At the very end of the product life cycle, we will dispose of your old appliance in a professional and environment-friendly manner.

«Service is a matter of trust, so I feel very happy every
time a customer entrusts an instrument to me for repair.»

Olivier Schneider, Service Technician, VITARIS AG


We will gladly carry out the decontamination of your biosafety cabinet. You decide whether to apply the standard formaldehyde procedure or the one using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The latter has become increasingly popular for being fast, cost-efficient and safe. This is highlighted by a number of assay series performed in research laboratories which have determined H2O2-based decontamination to be the more effective and economical method. These are validated assays carried out by specially trained (TÜV-Nord certified) service technicians.

Advantages of an H2O2-based decontamination

  • Reduces health and safety issues significantly
  • Greater speed and effectiveness
  • Safe, leaves no residues
  • Validated procedure
  • Tremendous time and cost savings

Scope of Services

  • Full service provided by specially trained service technicians
  • A biosafety cabinet is decontaminated within a few Hours
  • Validated procedure
  • Ensures reduction of the microbial count (by 6 logs)
  • No precipitate on surfaces
  • No unpleasant smell, unlike formaldehyde
  • Exposure within occupational Limits
  • Countrywide service network