Actini bietet eine einzigartige Palette an Abwasser-Dekontaminierungssystemen an, welche sich optimal für die  Umgebungen von BSL-1 bis BSL-4 Laboratorien eignen

Your waste water decontamination made easy

Its mastery of thermal transfer technology and the numerous processes developed and patented by the company, now enables ACTINI to be a major player in the Biopharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Lab industries, in providing a full range of equipment dedicated to confined environments BSL-1 to BSL-4.

Effluent decontamination systems for:

  • Biofacilities
  • Labs
  • Hospitals
  • Universities and Research
  • Centres Growth media
  • Sterilizers Flash sterilizers (HTST)

The following decontamination Systems are available:

  • Sink
  • Cube
  • Mikro

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