About us

VITARIS AG is a company registered in Baar, Switzerland. We provide innovative laboratory instruments and high quality consumables as well as consulting services to our partners in the Life Sciences and Hospital sectors. We operate our own maintenance facility to ensure a long life span for your equipment.

VITARIS is a privately-owned company that is entirely in Swiss hands. The owner is actively involved in the running of the company, which enables swift, uncomplicated decision making and ensures that the company stays focused on its long-term development and the securing of jobs. As a Swiss SME, we also provide vocational training in the form of commercial apprenticeships, thereby helping to enhance Switzerland’s status as an educational location, as well as investing in the future.

“A Difference in Life Science” – this promise serves as a benchmark for our company. When all things are equal, it’s the difference that counts. Our utmost reliability, high level of expertise and outstanding commitment are the distinct features that give us an edge over other suppliers. Business relationships ought to be driven by core values that seem to have largely disappeared. We foster core values which we deem of vital importance to a long-term business relationship. We hope you will find these values reflected in our guiding principles.