MEDIAWEL - Automated media preparators up to 30 liters

MEDIAWEL is the latest generation of automatic media preparators with capacities of between 1 and 10 (MEDIAWEL 10) or 2,5 and 30 liters (MEDIAWEL 30). MEDIAWEL 30 is equipped with and powerful stirrer (patented), stirrers providing a better homogeneity and temperature repartition.

MEDIAWEL 10 can be positioned on a workbench or easily and space-saving moved under the workbench using an optional cart with large wheels. Through its 7’’ LCD touch screen, you’ll be able to record up to 50 programs, each one editable from 1 to 4 temperature steps (adjustable speed, time and temperature per step).

The cleaning is very easy and comfortable and avoids any risks of cross contamination. All the information is traced and can be exported in pdf and csv files through the USB ports. A “real time monitoring” is also available, through Ethernet or Wifi.

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