Elplasia Plates - Enable high density, scaffold-free, self-assembly spheroid formation, culture, and analysis in a standard plate footprint

With the effectiveness of 3D spheroids in many areas of research including anti-cancer drug screening and in vitro tumor studies, the need for better methods to produce replicate spheroids of uniform size in mass quantities has emerged.

Corning Elplasia plates address this need by enabling researchers to generate a high density of spheroids in a scaffold-free model using microcavity technology. Use Corning Elplasia plates to generate, culture, and analyze hundreds to thousands of spheroids all in a standard plate footprint. Corning Elplasia plates are available in multiple formats, two well geometry types, and two surface coatings.

Elplasia plates are compatible with many cell types and may be used across many applications including; drug screening, including high throughput screening (HTS), cancer/tumor biology, stem cell biology, cell therapy research and 3D tissue engineering.

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