COVID-19 update june 2020

Dear Customer,
We would like to thank you for continuing to place your trust in VITARIS AG as we work together to meet the challenges of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). We are proud to deliver the required mission-critical products and services in this unprecedented time for our industry and the world.

VITARIS helps to ensure that the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers can be maintained. Safety is and remains our top priority, which will enable us all to navigate through these dynamic times and the current situation.

As we continue to closely monitor government decisions and the easing of lockdown regulations, we would like to provide you with an overview of our current measures to cope with the impact and support you during the pandemic.

Safety first: Resumption of visits to our customers

We continue to follow the safety instructions of trusted health organisations and local government agencies and have implemented or ensured a number of safety measures, such as social distancing in our offices, the use of masks where mandatory, and the use of hand disinfectants.


We are fully aware that the situation is still volatile. Every decision to resume visits to our customers and the related activities is based on the needs of customer. In cases where an on-site visit is required, we ensure that authorisation is received from the customer in advance. Once authorisation to visit a particular site has been given, our employees must comply with all local government and customer safety guidelines and recommendations, including social distancing, health and hygiene measures and other precautions

Business continuity

At the moment, extended delivery periods need not be expected. A large part of our product range is available from the warehouse in Basel. Our management continues to review our proactive measures for risk mitigation, and we will continue to provide information on any updates as and when required.

Travel restrictions

The travel restrictions that we introduced early on due to the pandemic have not changed. Our employees continue to comply with all local government restrictions and all guidelines provided by our customers.

Our thanks

We are proud of the ongoing achievements of our employees, who continue to show their commitment to support you and others in this unprecedented situation. And we thank you, dear Customer, for the trust that you continue to place in VITARIS AG and our team. We are determined to support you during the ongoing developments surrounding the pandemic and beyond. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions or if you require further information.

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